The Ultimate Guide to Dominican Republic Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

The Dominican Republic is nestled in the Carribean on island of Hispaniola. Adjoining its western border with Haiti, the region has an estimated population of nearly 10,300,000 people. And it might surprise you that it has been developing coffee for the last three hundred years. 

In fact, the finest and most refined coffee in the Caribbean gets grown on the high slopes in the region of Dominican Republic mountain range. Dominican Republic coffee is slightly rich, nutty and sweetened with notes of tart berries and chocolates.  Dominican Republic coffee beans are packed with the goodness of all these ambrosial ingredients.

If you haven’t tried our this coffee, you surely are missing something divine. You know the high elevations and that of tropical climate does make this country, a haven for coffee plants. There are four diverse mountain ranges having twenty-five distinct coffee growing zones, within the main growing regions. You can even buy green coffee beans online of this region and that are unroasted, purely natural. The point is the coffee beans of this region are famous and loved throughout the world for its rejuvenating qualities, unique taste , and medical benefits.

Processing of the coffee

In the present time, most Dominican Republic coffee gets grown and processed together or sent overseas for processing . However, this is set to alter with the government making efforts to refine and upgrade the coffee production and boost the growth of specialty beans in areas of specifically high elevation. The massive majority of Arabica beans cultivated here are Typica variety, but you could even find Caturra, Bourbon, Catuia and Mundo Novo. What actually stands out is that nutty and cocoa sweet tang and flavour.

All the main growing regions ,are situated on the slopes of the mountain ranges in the Dominican Republic, wherein it is bright and sunny with naturally fertile soil. Rainfall at this place is fairly consistent all year round. All in all, the region stays rosy for the cultivation of coffee beans and perhaps, that is the reason people specially crave for the coffee beans of this region. People even buy coffee beans wholesale to ensure that they get a steady supply of best quantity of, and quality of coffees in the least cost.

Nearly all the tiny coffee estates that make up the Dominican Republic’s coffee growing industry, are at least partly shade-grown and follows organized organic growing practices. Although to find a USDA Organic certification is not at all easy, you can rest assured knowing that in general, there are high standards upheld across the entire Dominican Republic, when it comes to growing coffee. You can go online to find out coffee beans wholesale price and, ensure  that you never go out of coffee supply.


Dominican Republic Coffee is surely a great delight for people who love coffee. The variety and quality you experience in the coffee beans here is matchless. You should explore the peculiar and tangy taste  of coffee of this region. Whether green, black or any other type of coffee, you are sure to get it all in this regions of Dominican.

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