6 Points you should know about Bali Coffee Beans and its Cultivation

Have you ever been to Bali? Well, you must be thinking that the place is esteemed for its phenomenal sites, amazing natural zones and beaches right? But do you know that coffee in Bali is well adored by connoisseurs across the world?

Once you explore Bali coffee beans, you would become a fan of this beverage. Check out the 6 Points you should know,regarding Bali Coffee Beans and its Cultivation, and you’ll be convinced to start drinking the coffee like other coffee enthusiats.

  1. Extensive Volcanic Soil and Coffee of Bali

You must be asking yourself what actually kindled the growth and cultivation of coffee in Bali right? And you must also be wondering what made Bali a prime contributor, to not just Indonesia’s significant coffee production and export but,in the entire south east Asia?Well, one good reason that encouraged the growth of coffee in this area of Indonesia,notwithstanding favourable climatic conditions was the extensive volcanic soil that it has.

  1. Coffee in Bali has Dutch Connection

People are of the opinion that the coffee beans you find in the regions of Bali was introduced by the Dutch. So, the coffee you sip and enjoy in Bali and Indonesia  have a strong Dutch connection.  You should go on to buy green coffee beans from a supplier near you or any other type of coffee from the regions and try it out, with having Dutch aspect in mind!

  1. Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta

In Bali, the variant of coffee discovered is mainly the Robusta Coffee. However, the coffee farmers in the present time have also experimenting with planting the Arabica variant. The Robusta coffee has always been considered as absolutely resilient to diseases and,carry a high tart content. The Arabica, on the other side, has a less tart content and so receive a massive demand around the globe.

  1. The largest producer of coffee in Bali is Kintamani

Kintamani is situated in northern highlands of Bali. It possesses an amazingly favourable climate and extensive volcanic soil conditions. It all favours the high-scale production of coffee berries. The zones between the two volcanoes Agung  and Batukaru, is where maximum amounts of the coffee cultivation happens.

  1. Subak Abian manner of cultivating coffee.

It is chiefly a farming system that has been employed by most of the agriculturalists of this region. The Subak Abian methodology of farming is something that is grounded on the philosophy of “Tri Hit Karana”. It finds their roots in Hinduism and endorses a relevant relationship between humans, God and the immediate environment. The point is, in this methodology, the farmers refrain from usage of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, insecticides or other dangerous chemicals to cultivate fully organic coffee cherry.

  1. The most expensive coffee in Bali is Kopi Lusaka

Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed the most expensive coffee of this region and has, an intriguing history and ‘processing mechanism’ associated with it. Once the Dutch brought coffee in Indonesia, they actually prevented its use by natives and as a result, making coffee a mind-boggling luxury for the locals. Soon the natives of this region discovered ways and came up with the Kopi Lusaka coffee beans and it, turned out to be the most expensive type of coffee. Of course, you can check out coffee beans wholesale suppliers and ensure that you get the coffee beans in abundance and at a price that is affordable for you.


So, aren’t these amazing points about Coffee beans in Bali? You must try the coffee and see for yourself how it tastes so delicious and fine.

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